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Academic Year Calender 2015-2016

Our Academic Year Calender in in line with MOSA and KHDA requirements. All Public and School Holidays are in line with government guidelines.

SUMMER TERM (Summer Surprise May - August 20, 2015)
May 1st
First Day of Term
August 20
End of Term
AUTUMN TERM (Sep - Dec 2016)
Aug 30, 31
Staff Induction
Sept 1,2,3
Students Induction
Sept 6th
And First Day of Term
December 2, 3
National Day
December 17
End of Term
SPRING TERM (Jan - March 2016)
April 3
First Day of Term
march 26
End of Term
SUMMER TERM (April - June 2016)
April 12
First Day of Term
June 25
End of Term

Please note, these are Islamic holidays observed as per Government notification and might be subject to change on a very short notice.