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The Safety, Health and Hygiene:

  • Ice Kids Nursery encourages children to make full use of opportunities for experimentation; it has a learning environment that is safe, secure, and inviting.
  • The nursery is stocked with materials and resources that are very safe for children to use – for example, ones that do not have sharp edges or extruding pieces. Art materials use are non-toxic, and the teacher is trained for any potential danger that could arise form accidents.
  • Our Nursery includes smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, children are trained and made well aware of fire safety drills.
  • The nursery provides a well-planned experience based on the children’s spontaneous play, both indoors and outdoors, in which the teacher supports children to learn challenging activities of the EYFS and combination curriculum with interest and enjoyment.
  • Children are taught the importance of hygiene and healthy habits, such as washing hands and brushing teeth.
  • The outdoor playground is fully sheltered and has thick rubber padding on the floors and all the corners, from the toilets to the pantry, child safety and has been strongly considered.
  • The Nursery cleaning is a priority ! Premises are thoroughly cleaned each day with safe, non-toxic ENJO, a variety of chemical free cleaning products.
  • The nursery is equipped with a clinic, and a full time DHA registered nurse.