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Pedagogy is the first science and art of education. Pedagogy is about how learning takes place. Ice Kid Nursery will have child-centered activities that engage a young child and promote learning. Play is how children made sense of the world and is an effective method of learning for young children. As a result of our training children will thrive is primary school. Children whose pathways are set for later academic success are those who enter reception classes with strong oral communication skills are confident, able to make friends, are persistent and creative in completing tasks and solving problems and are existed to learn.


ICE KIDS NURSERY believes that children are entitled to opportunities which support their emotional, social, creative, cognitive and physical development in a environment that fosters active learning, anatomy, freedom, multicultural atmosphere and a sense of responsibility and order.

Parents have the primary responsibility for the care and education of their children. They also have the right to pursue financial security, further education, and personal fulfillment for their children. Parents are entitled to be involved in and informed of the daily life of the nursery as an integral part of their child’s upbringing.

ICE KIDS NURSERY will offer a warm creative and nurturing environment, which enables children to grow up and develop as unique and healthy individuals. Our focus is on the development needs of all children as they grow socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Children learn to respect and appreciate themselves as well as others and the world around them.

ICE KIDS NURSERY’s curriculum is based on a multi-disciplinary thematic approach. Children learn through structured play so they create, construct and reflect on their experiences. At ICE KIDS NURSERY they will do a lot of playing reading, singing, sharing and communicating through active play with one another. This way, they sharpen their senses and learn to perceive patterns and relationship by classifying, comparing and organizing their world.